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  Lets asks the experts on what they think of our supplements.  
  Alan K Jones - B.Vet.Med, MRCVS  
  January 2006
"In my position as a Veterinary Surgeon dealing with avian species for the last 20-plus years, I have had persistent feedback from my clients regarding the use of Pet Chef supplements for breeding birds.
The unique combination of protein, vitamins and minerals essential for health, growth and development, presented in a palatable and easily administered form has been a boon to many bird breeders.
My clients have stated that their. adult pairs of birds reach breeding condition sooner, and produce more fertile eggs when using Pet Chef supplements than they do without. Hatchability rates are increased, and the chicks are stronger, with fewer bone problems and faster growth rates, than chicks which do not receive the supplement.
Since these products ceased to be available in the UK, many of my avicultural clients have complained about its loss. I am pleased to hear that is now once again available through this distributor."
  N.Harcourt Brown. BVSc. DIP Ecams. FRCVS.  
    As a practising vet i see many problems with parrots relating to nutritional deficiences. Poor plumage both in form and colour, inability to breed, lack of libido, egg binding, infertile eggs, deformed baby birds with
Osteodystrophy (eg: splayed legs, twisted bones) and convulsions. If adult birds were fed the correct diet and food supplement such as Pet Chef general purpose and professional breeder given reguarly as directed can help to prevent these conditions. I have many clients who are very happy with this product and are pleased that it is once more available.

  James Hampshire BSc (Hons) - Aviculturalist  
  December 2005
"As the former breeding project manager for Safari Select, i would highly recommend the use of PetChef. During my time at Safari Select we bred a large number of different parrot species, from the 'Blue Throated' Conures to Hyacinth Macaws, all with the aid of PetChef. I believe PetChef to form a major part in producing and sustaining a high egg productivity with increased hatchability, a must for any serious parrot breeders. I am delighted that PetChef is once again available as i am sure many other breeders will be."
  Barrett Watson - Aviculturalist and Book Author  
  January 2006
"I Have had many years of parrot keeping experience including African Greys, Amazons, Macaws and Cockatoos. Whilst using PetChef i had a noticeable improvement in my breeding pairs. They were more productive with an improvement in chick survival and growth. I think it's good news for aviculturalists that PetChef is available again"
  Paul Sharman - Aviculturalist  
  January 2006
"It's good to know that PetChef is going to be available again. I have bred African Greys for the past 10years, whilst using PetChef my birds seemed healthier and more energetic.
My breeding success was good and the chicks thrived, i will definitely be using this product again."